Birthday Burpees

Here's to 38... I'm surprised I survived these! 

Plank Cardio Series

This plank progression is sure to fire up the shoulders and core while getting the heart rate pumping.  

Stair Circuit

Sometimes all you need is a flight of stairs and your own body weight. 

Jumping Jack Progressions

I love to incorporate good old jumping jacks into my trainings.  Here are some progressions starting with low-impact and working up to advanced variations. 

Wall Ab Tucks / Flutter Kicks

These ab tucks and flutter kicks using a wall or a bench will work the core muscles deeper than traditional crunches or sit ups. 

Tricep Dip Mashup

Want stronger arms and core? These moves target the triceps while getting the heart rate up and working the entire core.  

Total Body Combo

Around the World Jumps, Mt. Climbers, Plank Sumos... A fun combo to try! 

Surfer Pop Ups

These will fire up your entire body and leave you feeling like you've earned a surfer bod. 

Plank Up Downs & Shoulder Taps

Who doesn't want a strong core and sculpted shoulders? 

Surrender Squats

This is an excellent, total-body move that will fire up all the trouble zones.

Box Jumps

Once you convince yourself you're not going to break your jaw, these are an awesome addition to your cardio routine!